About Us

“A School of Thought” – using the principles of content curation and social learning to provide access to the best and brightest business thinking.

For forward-thinking organisations who wish to build a culture filled with both enthusiastic learners and teachers.


We’re on a mission to help identify, develop, share and collectively experience the skills really needed in business, but that aren’t taught in a conventional business school.



The way we do business has changed, and yet the traditional approaches and teachings of business are based around a model still mired in the ways of the 80s and 90s. Added to this, complexity and time pressures mean learning opportunities need to be contemporary and encourage people to seek learning out for themselves.



We use content curation and social learning to provide a modern and engaging way to shift capability in a wide range of topics. Thought-provoking content and a dedicated and diverse network builds a mechanism to encourage self-driven learning.