About Us

We believe that people want to learn but traditional training courses often struggle to tap into that desire to improve. We overcome that by providing interesting, fun, relevant and collaborative learning experiences. 

The team behind ABS (because of course, it has its own acronym!) is a blend of creative practitioners, artists, designers, academic business thinkers, experienced leaders, consultants and teachers. They are curious, energetic, thoughtful and provocative. They engage and entertain. They challenge and question. They laugh as well as cry.

In short, they are human beings interested in other human beings. 

Anything we deliver is guaranteed to be fun, full of energy and packed with relevant and thoughtful business content.

Our virtual sessions are more akin to a radio show than a webinar. Our face-to-face programmes are a learning experience rather than a training session.  

Looking for something ‘alternative’? Email us on hello@thealternativebusinessschool.com or call on +441926 311347